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What We Do

There are estimated 153 million orphans across the world who live in orphanages or on the streets (Child Info: Unicef 2011). In the USA, there are 437,465 children who are living in orphanages, foster care, group homes, or institutions. Each year, over 270,000 children enter the foster care system (AFCARS Report NO.24). These children go through severe psychological, educational, and financial challenges. Some lack the care and attention required for healthy development and are at risk for disease and malnutrition. This is where we step in. Our non-profit is focused on giving these children a second chance in life. We raise funds through your donations to contribute food, clothing, educational resources, and other essentials to the orphanages and group homes around the country. With the help of our tireless volunteers, we organize fundraisers and holiday events for the children.

What orphanages will receive the donations?

We will first start by providing needs for orphanages in New Mexico and then we will move into the Southwest United States. Hopefully we will be able to provide essentials to orphanages all across the United States of America. 

What will the orphanages receive?

It will vary for each orphanage based upon their needs. Contributions will include: food, clothing, educational materials, and monetary donations.